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Analytiqum Innovative Solutions:

Human-centered Traffic Sensing Solutions for a Smart and Digital World 

Unlocking the Future of Smart Mobility and Intelligent Transportation, Enhancing Cities with Innovative Traffic Solutions.

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About us

Analytiqum is a fast-growing company specializing in smart mobility, smart cities, and intelligent transportation solutions. With our expertise in traffic sensors and applications, we are dedicated to revolutionizing how cities and transportation networks operate.

With cutting-edge sensor technologies manufactured by long-established partners, we can collect accurate data about current levels of road congestion across different roads without interfering with the drivers themselves. 

We work with transportation professionals such as traffic planners and engineers who need comprehensive data sets and easy reports for their projects. Our commitment is to meet the challenges of future urban mobility head-on through innovation and entrepreneurship.


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Why us?

Knowledge and Experience in the Industry

Our team of experts has been at the forefront of intelligent mobility for over a decade, giving us extraordinary knowledge and experience in this field.

Innovative and Cost-effective Solutions

We provide a  solution platform for helping cities and municipalities make more informed decisions about traffic.

Our solutions are tailored to meed the specific needs of each customer .

Strong partnerships with leading technology providers

Our strong partnerships with leading technology providers give us access to the latest advancements in intelligent mobility.

We make traffic monitoring easy. Our sensors have been installed in the field for 40 years in more than 80 countries. 

Exceptional customer service

Our company provides exceptional customer service, ensuring continuous support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance of our solutions.

Unveiling Urban Transformation

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Robert Smith

I am extremely impressed with SmartMove Solutions' extensive industry knowledge and experience. They have proven themselves as leaders in the field of smart mobility.

Angelina Jones

The customer service provided by SmartMove Solutions is outstanding. They are always available to answer my questions and provide assistance whenever needed.

Adam Brown

I am extremely impressed with SmartMove Solutions' industry knowledge and experience. They have proven themselves as leaders in the field of smart mobility.


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