About us

Our mission

Developing long-term business relationships locally in each country of the region; 

  • Introducing markets newer and complementary products and solutions; 
  • Serve better partners and customers with reliability regarding information and time deliveries 
  • Discover market insights of future products and features to serve the end-user's needs best.

As a part of Smart City, Smart Mobility means multimodal, efficient, integrated, clean, and safe transport of people and goods.

Analytiqum is committed to echoing every facet of these statements and building a long-term business serving people.

  • Adopt open business models involving open platforms and standards
  • Create complementary and customized add-ons to the main product portfolio
  • Build a working environment focused on delivering the best customer support.

Our values

Efficient, Simple, Reliable, Innovative, Flexible, Teamwork, Honesty, Compliance 


  • Reliable solutions, innovative ideas
  • Flexibility in approach and hard work
  • Honesty and trust among partners and customers
  • Efficient and faster processes for a better customer experience
  • Compliance with national and EU/global standards and procedures.

They trusted us

Unlock the Future with Smart Solutions



Driving innovation, transforming cities. Our team of experts revolutionizes transportation networks with smart mobility solutions.

Valentin Magliano


Andreea Magliano


Alin Manea 

Technical Lead


Strada Mihai Viteazul no 6, Otopeni, IF, Romania



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